The three layers that are critical to the skin’s appearance have unique requirements for effective treatment. To maximize patient satisfaction, utilize palomar’s versatile TriLux process. The LuxG Pulsed Light Hand piece, the Lux1540 Fractional Laser Hand piece, and the LuxDeepIR Fractional Infrared Hand piece for skin rejuvenation.




All procedures are performed in a private, sanitary and comfortable


environment with little to no pain, using state of the art anesthetics



LuxG Handpiece   Lux1540 Handpiece   LuxDeepIR Handpiece


The LuxG™ hand piece produces light in dual bands of the spectrum to target pigmented and vascular lesions. palomar’s unique Accu Spectrum technology filters out undesired light between the wavelength bands, thus avoiding unnecessary heat to the epidermis.


 These filtered bands allow for the use of higher peak power to enhance vessel and pigmented lesion clearance.



Result: Removal of pigmented and vascular lesions; noticeably clearer skin


Depth of Penetration: 0.4 mm (400 microns)




The Lux1540™ hand piece provides fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing by sending an array of high-precision micro beams into the dermis, damaging the epidermis but keeping the stratum corneum in place.


A restorative, natural healing process is initiated, accelerating the formation of new, healthy tissue. Those treated can typically return to their daily activities with little to no redness or discomfort.


Result: Improved skin appearance




Depth of Penetration: Over 1 mm




The LuxDeepIR delivers infrared light into the dermis, extending as far as 6mm deep. 


Advanced Contact Cooling  increases patient comfort. Deep islands of coagulation induce the body’s natural healing response.


 New tissue is generated, reducing the appearance of skin laxity on the face, neck and abdomen.




Result: Tightening of lax and crepey skin through soft tissue coagulation



Depth of Penetration: Up to 6 mm



LuxG Before & Afters   Lux1540 Before & Afters   LuxDeepIR Before & Afters




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