Photo Facial Process



What is a Photofacial

Photo rejuvenation (Photo Facial) is a light based procedure that removes the signs of sun damage such as sun freckles, blood vessels, uneven pigmentation and superficial wrinkles from the surface of the skin. It utilizes intense pulsed light, a device that uses a broad spectrum of light (as opposed to a laser which utilizes only one wavelength of light). Typically delivered as a series of five treatments over 15-20 weeks, this no down-time procedure leaves the skin with an even tone and texture, smoother pores and newfound radiance.





Who is a PhotoFacial candidate

Good candidates for this procedure are people with sun damaged skin: freckled, discolored, red, blotchy, or those with poor skin texture and/or large pores. In addition, this is a very effective treatment for the redness, dilated blood vessels and flushing of rosacea.



About the Process

You will come into the room with a cleansed face after having applied a topical anesthetic cream (not everyone needs the anesthetic, but it does make the procedure more comfortable). The entire surface of the area to be treated (face, neck, chest, hands, arms, legs, back) will be covered with clear ultrasound gel and pulsed with the light. Although this sometimes feels like one small focal spot (similar to a rubber band snap), we target the entire area for maximal response. We require all those in the treatment room, including the patient, to wear goggles or protective eye wear. The procedure for the face takes approximately 20-30 minutes for one area.




How does Photo rejuvenation work

There are multiple wavelengths contained in the pulsed light. Some are more effectively absorbed by pigment-containing cells and others by small blood vessels. By slowly (over five treatments) eradicating cells that contain excess pigment, sealing shut small and unnecessary dilated blood vessels, and stimulation of collagen production, the skin achieves a smooth, even-toned, and healthier appearance.







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  • Colorado Certified Aesthetician

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